Israel has just hoisted on itself the equivalence of a McCarthy-like witch hunt for those it feels might be traitors to the Greater Israel cause. These kinds of loyalty oath stunts and such government brittleness undermine democracy and narrow national debate during times when its smarter to keep the gates of ideas as widely open as possible. – Steve Clemons

Israel is taking a page from America’s blackest handbook, changing the fundamental core of what democracy means to people out of fear.

Former Pres. George W. Bush began our walk off the terror plank and away from our founders intent, with Pres. Obama continuing many of Bush’s worst practices (see Bradley Manning). The imperial presidency taking deeper route in a republic that was founded with the opposite nature woven into our fabric. It’s changed the lives of Americans, which we see daily in airports across this country, as well as in our political speech, and how we waste our money in the misadventures across the world from Afghanistan to Iraq to Libya, while our own independence as a country falters through debt and lack of innovation.

The Knesset’s move reveals the lack of leadership in Israel today from the ruling Likud party, which has strong support political in this country on both sides of the aisle.

Last year some Israeli artists and academics also called on colleagues to ban cultural institutions located in West Bank settlements.

Ilan Gilon, a Knesset member for the left-wing opposition Meretz party, warned that the bill would further delegitimise Israel. “We are dealing with legislation that is an embarrassment to Israeli democracy and makes people around the world wonder if there is actually a democracy here,” he said.

Israel parliament passes anti-boycott bill

Part of this law, which will likely be immediately challenged, includes making it illegal for a citizen to boycott West Bank settlements.

Digging in would be another word for what’s being done by hard line Israelis.

Politicians yearly make pledges to Israel, calling it “the only genuine democracy in the Middle East.” If this boycott law survives it won’t be anymore.