This guy needs to find a path to run as an Independent.

Of course, there’s no path to win that way, but he could cause nightmares for Pres. Obama and the Republican nominee, which would be well worth it as an exercise.

AP reporting:

Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, who would like to be the Republican nominee in the White House race, said Tuesday he’s not about to sign the spending limit pledge that a South Carolina senator has turned into a threshold test for 2012 presidential hopefuls seeking his support.

… The pledge says spending cuts are needed to lower the deficit and capped to balance the budget while Congress and the states approve a constitutional amendment requiring balanced budgets.

“I don’t sign pledges — other than the Pledge of Allegiance and a pledge to my wife,” Huntsman said. He says he told DeMint “You just have to understand that’s where I come down.”

It’s irresponsible for anyone to pledge that the federal gov. should be held to a balanced budget, something that is so counter to the purpose of government when the country gets in trouble it further illustrates the idiocy of Tea Party people.

On Afghanistan, Huntsman makes Obama sound like Bush, while revealing himself as someone ready to turn away from the Bush-Obama war machine that has us entrenched in wars we can’t afford, in countries we have no business conducting military exercises.

“We have fought the good fight in Afghanistan,” Huntsman said. “Only Afghanistan can solve Afghanistan. We can’t want them to have a country more than they want to have a country. And I’m here to tell you that we need to make sure Americans take care of America at this point in our history.”

Huntsman also believes that Libya was a bad decision, which it was.