“In the News” is now its own blog, since our upgrade. You can tweet or FB any post there, too.

Anyone can post or cross-post from his or her blog. It’s getting quite a lot of reader traffic. Give it a try! Post a news blurb about anything, including items non-political.

I was pretty surprised when nothing about Casey Anthony showed up. Paul’s editorial cartoon above was so fantastic, I just had to post it today and remind everyone that whatever you’re reading and find interesting or outrageous, important or silly, to talk about even beyond politics is always welcome.

Stacy has one up on Israel’s Anti-Boycott law that’s a must for anyone interested in the Middle East.

Spincitysd has quite a few, including a head’s up on Pakistan, as the U.S. withholds funding. Though his penchant for pointing out missed news continues to provide hilarity.

Thanks for those posting “In the News.” I just love reading (and tweeting) what’s posted.