“I think we should always listen to Bill Clinton about everything. And so, if that’s his view then that should be the rule of law.” – John Heilemann on “Morning Joe”

This belongs as a bookend to Chris Matthews’ thrill up his leg moment and is equally obsequiesce. With “journalism” like this is it any wonder that presidents come to believe they can walk on water? I say this as someone who respects, even reveres, parts of what Clinton accomplished in the ’90s (I have long believed we should go back to Clinton era tax rates), but especially his unparalleled gift to communicate his message.

But seriously? Why is John Heilemann getting away with this crap?

Take this from the National Journal, which is worth the read:

“Our risk is that we’ll be so averse to any changes in the entitlement programs that we’ll continue to spend “¦ too much money on today, so we don’t have enough money [to invest] for tomorrow,” he said.Clinton: What Went Wrong With the Economy After I Left?

William Jefferson Clinton is the best in the political business, but let’s not forget he’s a corporate DLC Dem, from which Barack Obama’s cut. It’s just one reason Obama disavowed him in the ’08 primaries. Looking in the mirror at what you are when you’re hawking the opposite even made him nauseous.

As for Obama exalting Ronald Reagan instead of Clinton, Reagan raised taxes 11 times against his party’s philosophy, which is so jarring to today’s Republicans they simply write it out of history.

Obama isn’t close to the political skills, dexterity and talent of either Reagan or Clinton, he’s a mirage.

Bill Clinton’s former former Third Way loves Obama’s “deal of the century.”

“Third Way has long argued that entitlement reform should be part of the solution to America’s deficit challenge. Not only will it put us back on a sustainable fiscal path, reform will save and strengthen our social safety net. We applaud the President’s willingness to do the right thing and lay hands on the “third rail” of American politics.

Some on the left will attack the President for putting Social Security and Medicare fixes on the table, but without action these programs will eventually crowd out our ability to invest in America’s future and force us to default on our promise to provide for tomorrow’s seniors. Postponing reform indefinitely is not an option, and to delay is not progressive.

The President is taking a step vital to any negotiation “” offering a reasonable path to compromise on priorities dear to him. It’s time for Republicans to follow suit by abandoning their unreasonable opposition to closing tax loopholes.”

Obama’s Republicanism is right of Clinton’s Third Way crap and even less effective, but neither did or is now doing anything for the Democratic Party. Bill Clinton made deals as he was being hounded toward impeachment (though his Wall Street coziness was voluntary), while Obama made deals he didn’t have to after coming into office with the entire world slobbering over his wondrousness.

Obama is a wannabe Clinton, just with less talent, no economic game and absolutely zero gifts to reach into people’s hearts with or without the teleprompter rolling. Instead of feeling people’s pain, Obama has become their pain.