Was it because Elizabeth Warren is a woman, which could have been part of it? Or is it because Pres. Obama simply wouldn’t fight for her, because he certainly did not?

From ABC News:

Frank did not say who he blames for gender bias – the White House for not nominating her or Republicans in the Senate for promising to block her nomination.

“Ms. Warren encountered from some people, maybe unconscious on their part, the notion that very strong-willed women with strong opinions might have a place but not in the financial sector,” said Frank.

A spokesman for Republicans on the House Financial Services Committee pointed out that Warren could easily have been nominated by the White House over Cordray.

But then again, as far as I can tell Pres. Obama doesn’t fight for anything.

Something tells me Ms. Warren will find a platform, because there are too many people who trust her and want to continue to hear what she has to say.