“I don’t represent the hide-under-the-desk wing of the Democratic Party.” – Rep. Anthony Weiner

Rep. Weiner was not shy or quiet about taking on Pres. Obama and Speaker Pelosi, whom he believed hadn’t made the case on health care strongly enough. He also told Republicans to “put up or shut up” on the necessity of health care for the country.

Democrats would be better off if more of them acted like Weiners.

As the first anniversary of the health-care law approached this week, many Democratic lawmakers went to ground, leaving unanswered Republican accusations that the legislation is socialist, unconstitutional, bankrupting the country, destroying the medical system and generally bringing about the apocalypse. But not Anthony Weiner.

Nancy Pelosi, he said, has been “inartful.” President Obama, he said, hasn’t provided “air cover” for Democrats in Congress. The White House “hasn’t done a very good job” confronting critics. The administration needs to make its case “more forcefully.” And his colleagues are limp, Weiner said: “We have to stop cowering.”

This is an independent progressive who isn’t afraid to stand up to the leaders in the Democratic Party, especially when they’re leading. That means he has very few friends right now.

From Huffington Post:

On top of that, one New York lawmaker noted that the state is about to go through a redistricting of House seats in which it will lose two districts. There would be little incentive to protect a disgraced Weiner in a district that was not drawn to protect minority voting rights. “I don’t see how anyone goes out of their way to save his district,” the legislator said.

Fighting relentlessly for the public option, Rep. Weiner said “Healthcare is not a commodity.”

I’ve read comments and tweets and also heard from quite a few people who stood up for Rep. Weiner who are hurt, bitter and angry that they walked the line for him. Anyone, including Rachel Maddow who offered a very soft interview space for him, has every right to be furious.

Ed Schultz delivered a chicken liver performance last night when he asked Rep. Weiner to resign.

That may be what happens, especially with Andrew Breitbart alleging he has an X-rated photo, as TMZ breaks wide with a story that reportedly shows Weiner aiding the porn actress to lie. There’s no doubt this is getting ugly, which is what happens when someone can’t control their compulsions and won’t admit they need help.

On Charlie Rose last night, Roger Simon went through a weird fantasy tale serving up the possibility that Rep. Weiner could have engaged with women underage, even if there’s no proof whatsoever that this happened.

But considering social media does allow for teens to fake their age, this talking point, if it catches hold, could simply add to the hysteria building.

All the while Democrats hold his fate, some of which he has tweaked over policies and party strategy, which made Rep. Weiner a fighter against the Obama machine.

When Rep. King caused the failure of a 9/11 first responder bill, Weiner’s constituents applauded him saying he “took a stand for the rescuers at 9/11.”

Rep. Weiner put himself in political peril, with his adversaries inside the Democratic Party not willing to lift a finger as the drip, drip, drip continues.

As long as David Letterman is out there it’s not going to get any easier for Anthony Weiner. Maybe he should consider pulling a Hugh Grant, only give Jon Stewart the shot, like Grant gave Leno. “What were you thinking?”, along with Weiner’s savvy, might just be the ticket.

…though with TMZ and Breitbart on Weiner’s heels it’s hard to say it’s not already too late. Hugh Grant simply propositioned a hooker in Hollywood. Rep. Weiner’s predilections aren’t that conventional, with revelations continuing to spin out.

But redemption is built into the American political fabric as long as the guilty person prostrates himself. There is life after politics, especially for he and his wife. Jon Stewart could help him get there, maybe even stop the crescendo that’s building.

With Rep. Pelosi and Rep. Steve Israel calling for an ethics investigation, Rep. Weiner needs to do something.

For my money, the work Rep. Weiner’s done to make the progressive case on policy when the Democratic Party lamely couldn’t speak out under Pres. Obama, matters a lot.

I live in the Beltway, but I’m not a creature of it and never will be, having lived from Missouri to New York to Nevada to Beverly Hills in Los Angeles and many points in between. But I know one thing: if the Obama loyalists and Beltway Dems want Weiner’s (ahem… and ugh) pound of flesh that’s exactly what they’ll likely get.

Screen capture from Huffington Post.