Senior Democrats have privately worried that the three-week-long scandal has taken the focus off the party’s message, which had been trained on criticism of House Republicans’ plans to overhaul Medicare. – House Democrats could strip Anthony Weiner of key committee seat

Somewhere in his Fox bunker Roger Ailes is laughing.

As for the Clintons being “livid,” oh, spare me. On this one they should both just shut up.

David Vitter - D.C. Madam

But at least Mr. Weiner’s stupidity didn’t end like David Vitter’s prostitution and rumored diaper fetish did, with the suicide of the woman who helped Vitter get his kicks. Flashback:

Local police responding to a call late Thursday morning discovered the woman’s body in a storage shed to the side of the home, according to a statement released by the Tarpon Springs, Fla. Police. Hand-written notes were found nearby which “describes the victim’s intention to take her life,” according to the statement.

I don’t have any sympathy at all for Anthony Weiner, never have, even though I thought this whole exercise was ridiculous, because the only ones who have been hurt is Weiner and his wife.

NBC’s cub reporter Luke Russert opined on MSNBC that lying to your leadership is what did him in. If that doesn’t encapsulate this stupidity nothing does.

Anthony Weiner deserved to lose his committee seat and be shamed to congressional hell for his legendary stupidity. Where he finds himself is all his fault. But let’s not pretend he wouldn’t have survived this whole thing if he hadn’t sullied the sanctified setting of the House gym. That was just too much for the D.C. establishment to take.

But if Democrats can’t get out a platform to beat Ryan’s Medicare scheme, blaming Weiner for their message incompetence, they don’t deserve to win a single seat or the presidency in 2012.

It’s hard to root for the Democratic Party these days, who once again reveal their deep-seated self-loathing.

A classic from Artur Davis Former congressman (D-Ala.):

Weiner learned a brutal set of lessons about the chemistry of Washington politics. First, rank-and-file House members are expendable: the House is not the club that is the Senate, where personal relationships are more durable and there is an institutional aversion to pushing a member out. Second, unlike Charlie Rangel, Weiner had no race card to play. Finally, the Bill Clinton rule of survival applies best to second-term presidents with 65 percent approval ratings and a track record of 7.5 percent GDP growth.

And of course, Weiner got caught not only lying but doing it with gusto and indignation. False allegations do happen in politics, and it does not take much for baseless rumors to spread. Weiner has just complicated the task of any public figure who denies an allegation and for that reason alone, this saga has contributed to the cynicism around political life.

Finally, there is no long-term consequence. The informal caucus of congressmen and senators who cheat, flirt or make inappropriate comments to women of any age has not been dented by Weiner’s fall. The exposure rate will continue to turn on arbitrary and unwritten rules, and the sin rate will remain thoroughly bipartisan.

Only the Democrats could jettison one of their strongest voices where no actual sex occurred. But at least the leadership won’t have the thorn of Anthony Weiner in their side anymore and neither will Pres. Obama.

The next conservative who talks about the liberal media deserves a pie in the face.