From Jonathan Martin today:

For now, though, the Republican is seeking the mantle of the civility candidate, and one of his top aides said the velvet hammer policy applies to not only Obama but the other GOP presidential hopefuls.

“He’s not one to tear anyone down by name, whether that person is Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Gov. Mitt Romney or President Barack Obama,” said Matt David, likely to be Huntsman’s communications director. “I think he’ll make it clear where he disagrees when it comes to policy and where he wants to take this country, but for him this is a campaign based on substance and not names.”

As exotic an approach as it seems for the modern political era, Huntsman has been insistent about his intent to keep the debate on a high plane.

In the video clip, Huntsman said he would not have intervened in Libya, but also hints that if he were president our involvement in the Middle East would look different. As a liberal, there is a lot not to like about him, but his view on foreign policy isn’t one of them.