“I am not resigning.” – Rep. Anthony Weiner

After admitting that he sent the “lewd” photo via private direct message via Twitter that ended up public, Rep. Weiner admitted he did what he’s been accused of doing, which is to engage and interact before and after his marriage with women, whom he said he mostly met via Facebook. “Deep weakness” is how he characterized his actions, that he said goes back “3 years.”

“I was embarrassed. I was humiliated. …”

Emotional, overwrought and disgraced, Rep. Anthony said he was “deeply ashamed” of his actions.

Weiner accepts full responsibility, saying he did not engage in physical activity.

I didn’t think Rep. Chris Lee’s CraigsList photo rose to the height of resignation, so I don’t believe Weiner’s ridiculously embarrassing actions do either.

The person he owes the most to is his wife and that remains the case.

Rep. Weiner will have to fight his way back to respectability and whether his constituents forgive him or not we’ll have to see.

“… I apologize to Andrew Breitbart. I apologize to the many other members of the media who I misled. I apologize first and foremost to my wife…” – Anthony Weiner