Michele Bachmann has said she’s willing to abolish the minimum wage, following in Ronald Reagan’s footsteps, except that he chickened out in the end, with Greg Sargent delving into that today. From her interview with Stephanopoulos today:

Stephanopoulos: Well let me move on to another one of your statements on the issue of jobs which is so central to this campaign. You said back in 2005 that taking away the minimum wage could potentially virtually wipe out unemployment. Where is the evidence for that?

Bachmann: You know I think what we need to do is, again George, focus on job creation. I’m a former federal tax litigation attorney. I worked for years in the federal tax court system and watched how devastating high taxes are on business and individuals and farmers. And I’m also a job creator. My husband and I started from scratch a successful small business. That’s really the focus that I’m hearing today in New Hampshire. People are very upset that the president has us at 9.1 percent unemployment. That is not acceptable. He promised us that we wouldn’t see unemployment go above 8 percent. We’ve lost millions of jobs, people are suffering, they are hurting and I feel their pain and I want to make sure that what we do going forward is actually to address this and turn the economy around and get it on the right track because that’s really what people care about “” that’s what they’re talking to me about all across the country.

Here’s her exact quote from 2005:

“Literally, if we took away the minimum wage”“if conceivably it was gone”“we could potentially virtually wipe out unemployment completely because we would be able to offer jobs at whatever level.”

Conceivably… potentially… virtually… Give it up.

Herman Cain agrees:

FANG: Do you think the current minimum wage is too high or even necessary?

CAIN: I don’t think the current minimum wage is necessary because most companies are paying higher than the minimum wage. Now you can’t say everybody’s paying higher than the minimum wage but a lot of companies [inaudible]

Policy is what matters and though we all love our gafferiffic politicians, their policy is where we all need to focus.