The fleeting romance with Herman Cain is about to end, as it should.

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain’s New Hampshire state director, his only staffer in the state, as well as a Cain campaign regional director have both resigned. Matt Murphy is the former state director and Jim Zeiler is the former regional director. Both defections raise the question of whether or not the Cain campaign is facing some trouble. – Two top Herman Cain staffers resign

In the first debate, with many calling him the winner, which was ludicrous, Cain’s idea of the job of commander in chief got down to assembling people around him who knew what they were doing, then trusting their judgment.

If you’re seeing nightmares of Dick and Rummy dancing through your head you’re not alone. That he didn’t even understand right of return on Middle East policy should be frightening to everyone, as is his stance on the need for Muslims to take a loyalty oath.

Mr. Cain seems like a nice man, but that doesn’t mean he should be considered presidential material, especially with our foreign policy shifting dramatically as our economic reality demands. But it was fun while it lasted and he can enjoy the ride a little longer, but not without sacrificing some of his own personal wealth, which is his choice, though not a good investment.