A group of people using bombs and small arms attacked the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul Tuesday, and fighting was ongoing with Afghan security forces, Chief of Criminal Investigation Mohammed Zahir told CNN. – Bombers attack luxury hotel in Kabul (update)

From Foreign Policy:

Abdul Qadeer Fitrat, the governor of Afghanistan’s central bank, resigned his position and fled the country, saying that the government interfered in his corruption investigation into Kabul Bank. He said that he left Afghanistan after receiving reports from “credible sources” that his life was in danger due to the investigation. He is now in the United States, where he has residency.

The original report came from the BBC:

“My life was completely in danger and this was particularly true after I spoke to the parliament and exposed some people who are responsible for the crisis of Kabul Bank,” Mr Fitrat said on Monday.

The embezzlement at Kabul Bank, Afghanistan’s largest private bank, almost led to its collapse last year after it was discovered that hundreds of millions of dollars had gone missing. …

“During [the] last 10 months during Kabul Bank crisis, I continuously pressed for the creation of a special prosecution, for the creation of a special tribunal to investigate and prosecute those who were involved in Kabul Bank’s fraud,” he told the BBC. “I did not receive any information that there is a credible plan to prosecute, to investigate and prosecute these individuals. The high political authorities of the country was responsible [for blocking] these efforts,” he alleged.

He said he left the country after he received information that his life was in danger from “credible sources”.

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