This is another edition in empire.

Pres. Obama started bombing Libya out of humanitarian reasoning, with there no strategic interest there for the U.S. Now he’s turning to Yemen, which is no doubt a dangerous place that does have wider implications. However, why is everyone just shrugging at his Executive hubris? Why is he getting to do it without congressional approval?

From the Washington Post:

The CIA is expected to begin operating armed drone aircraft over Yemen, expanding the hunt for al-Qaeda operatives in a country where counter-terrorism efforts have been disrupted by political chaos, U.S. officials said.

The plan to move CIA-operated Predator and other unmanned aircraft into the region reflects a decision by President Obama that the al-Qaeda threat in Yemen has grown so serious that patrols by U.S. military drones are not enough.

Because it operates under different legal authorities than the military, the CIA may have greater latitude to carry out strikes if the political climate shifts in Yemen and cooperation with American forces is diminished or cut off. […]

This is taking the excuse to bomb countries and send in covert forces, as long as there are no traditional boots on the ground, to a level that is potentially very messy.

Jon Huntsman has said he thinks we should no longer be in Afghanistan, that Libya is of non-strategic interest, and that he’d rethink our Middle East wars. I wonder what he thinks about drone power?

As commander in chief, Pres. Obama is so far off the reservation I’m not sure he could find his way back to the man who gave the anti Iraq war speech that snared him the nomination.

UPDATE: Read this piece by Bruce Bartlett.