“[Harold Camping] comes around and trivializes prophecy, and ignores the words of Jesus himself. That’s a disgrace.” – Tim LaHaye interview with The Daily Beast

I’m so relieved. It was going to put quite a crimp in my gardening plans.

For those of you who don’t know, Tim LaHaye is the author of the wacky, wildly successful, reportedly selling 70 million copies, “Left Behind” Rapture series.  But he thinks the guy calling the Rapure for tomorrow is wrong.

What do you think of Harold Camping’s claim that the Rapture will occur on May 21?

Well, coming from a two-time loser on date setting before, I’m not overly anxious. He’s an engineer, not a theologian. He’s got a very meticulous-type mind, and no one can tell him everything. He knows everything. He’s got his mindset that it’s going to be this way, but he’s just flat-out wrong. He violates a very, very important statement of Jesus in Matthew 24: “Surely I say to you this generation will by no means pass way until all these things be fulfilled”¦ but that day and hour knows no one in the angels of Heaven, but my Father only.”

So he’s a false prophet?

Exactly right. And you know the Old Testament rules on false prophets [stoning]. But prophecy is my life. I think we can prove who Jesus was and how authoritative the Bible is by the accuracy of fulfilled prophecy in the past. [Camping] comes around and trivializes prophecy, and ignores the words of Jesus himself. That’s a disgrace.

Fictional prophecy is not any better than “two-time loser” prophecy, but it’s a cinch that it’s more lucrative.

LaHaye also enlightened us on who the “right person” is for 2012:

DAILY BEAST: Of the possible candidates, who is the “right person?”

LAFAYE: I’ve narrowed it down to about four. I really believe Sarah Palin would be a good opportunity. Michele Bachmann is excellent”“she’s very sharp and a strong person. [Then] Tim Pawlenty and I’m reserving the fourth one until I decide who it’s going to be.

Well, there’s some good news for LaHaye today.  Palin said on Fox News Channel that she does “have the fire” in her belly.

“The fire in the belly, it’s there!”Sarah Palin

It comes at around 8 minutes in on the video below. 

Palin then segues into a list of the upcoming attacks, without directly mentioning them, coming her way in the form of books, all as she gets close to the moment where she has to make a final decision or be blown out by Michele Bachmann, who’s already garnering the label of much more serious than Sarah.

But at least Sarah won’t have to worry about the Rapture.