This is as interesting as it is telling.

“[Sen. Claire McCaskill’s] basically out of the picture for us this time around,” said an Obama ally who considers McCaskill’s absence ““ and the difficulty of replacing high-impact supporters like her ““ a potential problem.

“We need more defenders,” the ally said. Obama “is spending too much time communicating about himself for himself. … I think we’ve only had a couple of people out there speaking for us over the last two years, and clearly, that has to change.”

[…] One veteran Democrat and reliable cable-news show advocate for Obama faults the White House’s handling of messaging.

“A lot of this had to do with the arrogance the Obama people had initially,” the Democrat said. “No one was really in charge of coordinating what we did. … No one really communicated with us on a consistent basis. It’s gotten better over the last year, but they still have a way to go.”

Right now Pres. Obama’s just lucky Republicans are in such disarray. But I really don’t think this will last. There are many signs that economic issues point to soft Independent support, with the only thing that’s missing is a Republican candidate who can communicate about jobs, with a plan on the economy.

Before this is over the Republican establishment could coerce someone into the race who has been reluctant so far. …or if they can’t, this is going to be a smooth reelection ride for Barack Obama.