Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was on “Morning Joe” to publicize “The Last Mountain.”

“Even you know, Obama, who I think knows better about this issue, has to kind of choke out the term “˜clean coal’ occasionally. And I think you know that because he’s got a broader agenda. He’s got health care and he’s got two wars and he’s got saving the automobile companies and he needs the 11 coal state senators, 22 senators, more than half of them Democratic, to vote for his agenda and they’re not going to do it unless he supports big coal.” (via transcript

Scarborough tried to blame it on a history of problems going back to Pres Nixon and the 1973 oil embargo OPEC imposed against the United States. Kennedy would have none of it, saying Ford and Carter were trying to go in the right direction, but it was all derailed by Ronald Reagan.

“Carter, as ineffective as Jimmy Carter is thought to be on many issues, he actually did have a good energy policy. When Reagan came in, the first thing he did was to rip the solar panels off the roof of White House to basically announce we’re handing the economy back over to Big Oil and Big Coal and we’re living with the effects of that decision today. You know, we ““ actually, they, Gerald Ford, who is Republican and Jimmy Carter passed fuel economy standards in this country, were designed to get us completely off of foreign oil by 1986 and they were on their way to doing that, we wouldn’t have had to import a single drop of foreign oil if we had followed their fuel economy standards, but they were rolled back by [former Reagan Budget Director] David Stockman in 1981 and here are the results of that addiction, including two wars that were unnecessary.”

As Al Gore has said before, there is no such thing as “clean coal.”

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