Texan4Hillary offers his perspective as a movement progressive activist.

Louder than Words Mr. President! See the video driving Obamaphiles nuts here.

A new organization called RootsAction has launched promising to get progressives working in the grassroots as a independent force apart from the Democratic Party. They plan to hold electeds accountable and have a youtube vid up that is sending the Obamaphiles mad:

RootsAction is a new online initiative dedicated to galvanizing millions of Americans who are committed to economic fairness, equal rights, civil liberties, environmental protection — and defunding endless wars.

We will not be silent as Congress and the president continue to squander billions of dollars on foreign wars, causing destruction and hatred overseas while failing to meet the needs of the vast majority of people in our country. We will not stand by as people lose their jobs and homes due to Wall Street schemes abetted by both major parties. We will not give the Obama administration a pass as it continues many of the same policies that sparked loud protests under the Bush White House. We will take action — independent of both party leaderships. That’s why the launch of RootsAction has been strongly endorsed by such respected, independent-minded progressives as Jim Hightower, Barbara Ehrenreich, Cornel West, Daniel Ellsberg, Glenn Greenwald, Naomi Klein, Bill Fletcher Jr., Laura Flanders, former U.S. Senator James Abourezk and Coleen Rowley.

When progressives have fallen into making excuses for corporate-approved “reforms” from the Obama White House, they’ve come across as defenders of an untenable status quo — and helped corporate-funded “populists” of the right wing to masquerade as the agents of change.

RootsAction will mobilize behind policies that actually address the immense economic, social and environmental problems facing our country.

Congressman Quayle (R-AZ) is a nitwit like his famous dad. He in this vid denies oil subsidies! Yep they just do not exist. The Dems have the GOP on the hot seat on the Ryan plan and the oil issue. The folks at his townhall had a good laugh about what he said. Watch here .

Kudos to Russ Feingold for taking on members of his party for their corporate corruption. Some Dems are pressing Obama to not sign a executive order forcing disclosure of certain political contributions. And yes Russ names names:

In addition to Lieberman, McCaskill and Hoyer, Feingold points to three Republicans ““ Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.), Sen. Rob Portman (Ohio) and Rep. Darrell Issa (Calif.) “” who have been swayed by corporations into supporting their position on donor disclosures.

“[N]ot surprisingly, corporate interests in Congress want to keep this process in the dark. Sadly, but predictably, it’s not just Republicans,” Feingold continued.” Some Democrats are joining Republicans in pressing to keep the cycle of political money and federal contracts hidden. Incredibly, they’re claiming that transparency will somehow lead to more corruption. I spent nearly two decades in the Senate, and I can tell you: that’s just baloney.”

In soliciting $5 donations, Feingold said his PAC will place ads intended to “shame” the members, who have all said they believe that if government contractors’ contributions are disclosed, contracts will end up going to the highest bidder.

Jared Bernstein, the last progressive economist in the Obama White House, has launched a blog with withering critique of the Right and of how President Obama has messed up on economic issues. He takes on the Right wing oft repeated lie: that government budgets must be handled like you and your checkbook. The government operates like your checkbook, but not the way Fox News wants folks to believe:

…there’s a… fundamental way in which this family budget analogy gets misused. Families borrow to make investments and to get over rough patches. They run deficits too. I went into pretty deep debt to finance college and grad school and I’m glad I did.

The whole credit system is based on the fact that if we had to pay cash-as-we-go for everything, we’d seriously under-invest. And that’s true for families and governments”¦.

So yes families have to take out loans, use credit cards and more to get through hard times and so must government. Families do not do what this current government is bent on: slash away with no new revenue or using credit to make it through.

A great development, a consulting firm has been created to assist progressives in getting elected among other things. it is compromised of some truly great tough fighters who have won big battles. The whole spectrum of progressive organizing and constituencies are represented in this group:

The firm, known as Democracy Partners, has offices in eight cities including Washington, D.C., Chicago, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, Miami, San Francisco, San Diego, and Portland, Maine.

Read the full list of consultants here and their bios. Mike Lux, Heather Booth, Richard Creamer and many others will be part of this new effort.

For a good laugh Senator McCaskill is at it again! She is getting hammered in tv ads from the League of Women Voters for her vote to kill clean air regulation. Senator Scott Brown is also being hit with the same ad for his vote. So what does Sen. McCaskill do? Attack the League and call it a “front group.” Claire is under growing attack from Feingold, the LWV and others. Here is the ad:

And here is her response . Good grief.

Kudos to the working folks of Ohio who have gathered in just a few weeks 214k signatures to put on the ballot a repeal of SB 5! They need 231k signatures so they are almost there in record time. Polls show voters are ready to repeal SB5!

Finally some late breaking great news for progressives. Hawaii Congresswoman Hirono, a strong progressive woman in the House, is running for the Senate! The seat is being vacated by Senator Akaka. Polls show she would cream any GOP opponent and would be the first woman to represent Hawaii in the Senate!