There isn’t enough popcorn in the world to slake the savage salaciousness of watching Newt Gingrich’s contagion implosion. Okay, so that’s a bit much. But giddy just doesn’t cut it.

“Any ad which quotes what I said on Sunday is a falsehood, because I have said publicly those words were inaccurate and unfortunate,” he told FOX’s Greta Van Susteren. “”When I make a mistake, and I’m going to on occasion, I’m going to share with the American people that was a mistake becuase that way we can have an honest conversation.” – Newt Apologizes To Paul Ryan, Begs Democrats Not To Use His Own Quotes In Ads

And in the conservative grown ups corner we have Jon Hunstman, who is headed to New Hampshire, with the assumption now that he’s going to get into the race, headquarters rumored to be Florida.

If Huntsman does announce his candidacy, as is widely expected, and does base his campaign in Orlando, it’s another sign of the large role Florida will play in the GOP primary process and the general election.

Florida’s is an important battleground state and the Republican party’s presidential nominating convention will be held in Tampa. The on-going controversy over when the state hold’s its presidential primary is another sign of Florida’s importance in campaign politics.

“Florida is by far and away the single most important state for the GOP and its presidential contenders, both in the primary and in the general election. If the eventual Republican nominee fails to win Florida, then President Obama is all but guaranteed reelection,” GOP strategist Ford O’Connell told CNN.