From People magazine:

Prominent Los Angeles family law attorney Laura Wasser is now representing California’s former first lady, according to sources close to Shriver.

“Maria hasn’t decided yet if she wants to end her marriage,” says one source. Wasser was hired before the news of the affair went public, sources say.

I don’t know how anyone puts a marriage back together after the humiliation Maria Shriver has suffered.

It’s one thing when your spouse cheats privately and begs forgiveness. It’s quite another when he’s made a fool of you for over ten years, not only hiding a long-term affair, but one with someone who worked inside your home for two decades, who knows your children and the intimate details of your married life.

When you top it off that there is also a child that is his from the paramour, which was conceived and grew up while she was inside your house, it’s beyond overwhelming.

When your husband is a public person whom you’ve defended for years and you aided his case to become governor, because you stood up against over a dozen women saying he was a scoundrel, it’s insurmountable.

However, some people believe that marriage is for life, that no act is beyond redemption. I just wouldn’t be one of those people, not with all the facts laid out in this case. I’m just not that forgiving.