Daou and Boyce will get their day in court, which will begin with discovery. Via the Wall Street Journal, reporting by the AP:

A judge in New York City has refused to throw out a lawsuit by two Democratic political consultants who allege that The Huffington Post’s founders stole the idea for the popular website from them.

Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Charles E. Ramos denied a motion on Tuesday by lawyers for the media company to dismiss the case.

Consultants Peter Daou and James Boyce sued the company in November 2010, saying they originally came up with the plan for the site’s blend of blogs and original content.

Huffington Post spokesman Mario Ruiz said in a statement Tuesday they are confident they will show the case has no merit.

An attorney for the plaintiffs, Partha P. Chattoraj, said they were grateful for the opportunity to make their case to the judge.

Full disclosure, I know both Peter Daou and James Boyce, who brought this lawsuit, fairly well. I’ve worked for James Boyce, back when Sen. Kerry had the Patriot Project, and closely with both men at different times, Peter during Hillary’s 2008 campaign, as is widely known. They are not frivolous people and each have deep integrity. I trust them both implicitly.

I’ve been a Huffington Post contributor since 2006, which was enjoyable until AOL came in. I stopped this year due to ridiculous editing hurdles that suddenly arrived with the “no labels” crowd.

It will be very interesting if Andrew Breitbart is called as a witness.

Very few are writing about this story, but I intend to keep following it.