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Schultz is on voluntary unpaid absence for the coming week, with MSNBC issuing a statement late yesterday about Ed Schultz’s embarrassing public belch.

The comments over at Ed’s MSNBC page are wholly supportive of the blue collar talk radio hero, whose passions drive his programs, with quite a few of the monitored comments culled out.

Schultz was wrong and what he said was incredibly insulting.

Rush Limbaugh accused Pres. Bill Clinton of being a drug trafficker, while “Reverend” Jerry Falwell suggested Clinton might be a murderer, even as Sean Hannity postulated that Vince Foster might have been murdered and questioned Hillary Rodham Clinton’s possible involvement of a cover-up. Hannity dragged this lie back out during the ’08 primary season.

But if you want to know why Mitch Daniels listened to the women in his family and chose not to run for president, this whole sorry spectacle reveals a primary reason.

It makes you wonder if Sarah Palin, whose run-ins with the media have comprised her entire national rise, can toughen up enough to take what would come if she says yes to running in 2012.