Democratic oppo 2012 is up and running. The LA Times reported in April how Democrats were going to arm themselves after the Citizens United case and it’s in full swing, labeling Brock’s group a “research hub.” Mike Allen highlights the story today in his Playbook.

David Brock’s new group, apart from Media Matters, already targeted Tim Pawlenty when he confused Iraq and Iran. Using trackers, candidates are followed, the every campaign stop monitored. Republican gaffes will be spotlighted, videotaped and blasted to potential voters. From Politico:

Initially billed as a massive Democratic group that would spend hundreds of millions of dollars to defeat Republican candidates in 2012, American Bridge has scaled back and reorganized following the launch of Priorities USA, the independent expenditure group headed by Obama White House veterans. Their new goal: build a comprehensive video library for Democratic ad makers to use to defeat Republican House and Senate candidates ““ and, of course, the eventual Republican presidential nominee.

“We will definitely have the biggest research and tracking shop in politics,” said Chris Harris, a spokesman for the group.

Taking the playbook from Karl Rove’s American Crossroads, which had real success in 2010, Brock’s group and others are playing the unlimited money game, because if you can’t beat ’em if they’re out spending you 10 to 1, so there is really no other choice but to join ’em.

Unlimited campaign cash sloshing around is one hell of a way to run a democratic republic.