“So anyway, I told them before you got here, I said I’m glad we won this race in New York,” Clinton told Ryan, when the two met backstage at a forum on the national debt held by the Pete Peterson Foundation. But he added, “I hope Democrats don’t use this as an excuse to do nothing.”ABC News

Nicely placed microphone, ABC. This is the stuff people love to hear.

If you want to know why some progressives and liberals aren’t crazy about former Pres. Bill Clinton this gives you an idea. Coming after the win in NY-26, hearing Clinton say this has got to be music to Ryan’s ears.

Rep. Ryan went on to tell ABC News that “this is not the time to go wobbly,” because the Dem attack ads are coming regardless. It’s time for “leaders to be leaders.”

If turning Medicare into a voucher system that leaves a big hole in your wallet is “leadership,” well, we’re all screwed.