V.P. Biden did some heavy courting of the gay and lesbian community via the South Hampton this past weekend, staying at David Bohnett’s “sprawling” estate, who is a player in the gay, bisexual and transgender-rights activist world. From Page Six:

On Sunday, Biden was spotted on the beach while a huge security presence was visible at Bohnett’s First Neck Lane estate. Tech entrepreneur Bohnett, a large contributor to the Democratic National Committee, is a family friend of the Bidens. He founded GeoCities, is a trustee of amfAR and chairman of the David Bohnett Foundation.

A White House spokesman said, “I can confirm the Bidens are staying at the private residence of David Bohnett,” adding they were there from Friday until yesterday.

This is just another example of how important moneyed activists in the LGBT community are to Democrats going into 2012 and just how important they think backing Obama-Biden is. Republicans are as hostile as they’ve ever been to this community, with the Right’s war on women just one example of the damage they can do when in power in the states. Obama’s presidency gave this community movement on DADT, so that’s where the money will remain.

h/t Ben Smith