It’s been something to watch play out on Twitter, which is where the photo began. It’s the Kloppenburg watch party, which I got via Mike Elk.

Mike Murphy tweeted: Prosser too low in too many GOP places. St Croix tells story. Bush county, now tied.

David Weigel counter tweet: Definitely see how Prosser wins this. Nothing from Waupaca — 38 precincts, strong GOP

Then from SwingStateProject: Apparently, Dane County had an error that gave Kloppenburg 134K instead of 124K.

and also…

The tweet that launched 1,000 conspiracy theories? It was the AP that mis-reported the Dane #s. Doubt it was Dane’s fault. AP has QC issues.

With 92% reporting, Prosser jumped back into the lead…

AP has the ongoing tally until the end, which is nearing.

UPDATE (4.6.11): From JSOnline, Kloppenburg declares victory, thanks Prosser for service, recount to follow.

UPDATE (4.6.11): It’s still too close to call.