Many cops and firefighters have thrown their allegiance to the GOP for years ““ union members who frequently stray from labor’s longtime support for Democrats. A host of new Republican governors is changing all that. […] Chuck Canterbury, the national president of the Fraternal Order of Police, said his members are “shocked” by the turn of events. “Who are these evil teachers who teach your children, these evil policemen who protect them, these evil firemen who pull them from burning buildings? When did we all become evil?” said Canterbury, whose union endorsed Bush in 2000 and 2004 and John McCain in 2008. – Politico

The midterm elections were a rout. But voters weren’t giving a mandate to Republicans to come after collective bargaining rights or to weaken the unions that protect cops and firefighters. A massive overreach on their mandate is threatening Republicans for 2012 even more than their lousy presidential candidates.

Gallup also finds that people back unions over the marauding governors, 48% to 39%.

This is not rocket science. When you attack the main vein of how the middle class stays the middle class this was very predictable, especially when you have CEO pay exploding. From USA Today:

The heads of the nation’s top companies got the biggest raises in recent memory last year after taking a hiatus during the recession. At a time most employees can barely remember their last substantial raise, median CEO pay jumped 27% in 2010 as the executives’ compensation started working its way back to prerecession levels…

Add to this Donald Trump’s birther front man show and you’ve got a real circus on the Right.

UPDATE: LiberalJoe makes an excellent point in the comments that Politico forgot, which I hadn’t considered either:

Many Police officers/Law Enforcement, Firefighters/EMT’s, and building trades folks are married to, or have relatives who are, teachers, nurses, and other unions under attack by the GOP. The GOP in all their studidity, and desire to crush unions and the Dems forgot that simple truth. The GOP was attacking spouses, brothers /sisters. parents, relatives, and probably neighbors. When you start doing that to loved ones , family differences in political leanings are thrown out the window. You protect and fight for your own.