Oh, how perfect. If this doesn’t say it all.

Democratic leaders are shocked, shocked, I say, that ideology is important to people. That it means more to them than money, though that’s not really the issue. It’s just that the Right knows how queasy Democrats get when they’re asked to stand up for their own ideology, so they simply expect them to cave.

Of course this wouldn’t make a dent with Pres. Obama, Sen. Reid and other Democrats these days, because they’d sacrifice the entire Democratic Party if it meant they could make peace with the Right.

It’s absolutely unconscionable that Republicans are using women’s freedom to shut down the government, but the Democrats shouldn’t take the blame for this blindness, because Republicans will be seen for exactly what they are. Willing to hold soldiers and everyone else hostage for their extreme views.

From The Hill:

“The only thing holding up an agreement is an ideology,” Reid told the Senate’s presiding chair. “I’m sorry to say, Mr. President, my friend the Speaker and the Republican leadership have drawn a line in the sand, not dealing with a deficit we know we have to deal with.

“The two main issues holding this matter up are the choice of women, reproductive rights, and clean air,” Reid said. “These matters have no place in a budget bill.”

We all know what Obama and Reid reflexively want to do if it’s between women and a budget deal. They’d compromise. We saw that plain enough during health care.

It’s not enough that Republicans have already won, because Pres. Obama and the Democrats won’t lay it on the line with mil-billionaire tax increases, as well as rescinding the Bush tax cuts. These fundamental ideas, part of which Ronald Reagan was forced to utilize, and are what helped give Bill Clinton have his prosperous era. Simply going back to Clinton era tax policy, even that’s too ideological for today’s Democratic leaders.

So why wouldn’t the Republicans hold Democrats hostage to their ideology? They know that’s one score over which Obama always blinks.

Democrats have to be willing to shut the government down in order to win. Mark Knoller is also reporting that if short-term CR is presented to Pres. Obama he will veto it.

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