Proud Gay Termite by TX Stonewall Democrat Erin Moore

Neither lack of proof, nor proof to the contrary, will stop some on the Right from making claims about the alleged powerful-homosexual-special-rights-activists-seeking-to-destroy-the-fabric-of-our-society agenda. So no surprise “social issues” are taking their Rightful place in the 2012 election cycle, including the Anti-Gay Agenda (AGA).

Recently I mentioned Bexar County, Texas, Democratic Party Chair Dan Ramos, who has received much attention for his description of the Stonewall Democrats, and LGBTs in general. It included gays are like “white termites who have infiltrated the party much like termites infiltrate your house.”

According to the Dallas Voice, the State Democratic Executive Committee “unanimously approved a resolution … censuring Dan Ramos and calling for him to resign.” At a meeting of the SDEC, “many … wore rainbow triangles depicting a wood-eating termite in solidarity with the Stonewall Democrats.” Credit to SDEC member and Texas Stonewall Democratic representative Erin Moore for the design of the Proud Gay Termite.

Ramos’ extreme language is not that unusual. While the more zealous voices are not representative of many on the conservative side, they are persistent. And their influence is still a factor “” many Republican Electeds still make the case against DADT repeal, even more argue that DOMA is needed, and with the reintroduction of ENDA (which is highly unlikely to move forward), “special rights” language is inevitable.

A recent conference (at Liberty University, Lynchburg, Va.), “The Awakening,” provides another example of the Anti-Gay Agenda. Ramos and his termite label have nothing on these people. From Sofia Resnick, The American Independent:

The first step for Christian conservatives to win the war against the gay movement is to rebrand the terms, said a few panelists at this weekend’s The Awakening conference … .

“˜Gay’ is a left-wing socio-political construct designed to create grounds for fundamental rights [based on] whimsical capricious desires,’ said Ryan Sorba, chairman of the Young Conservatives of California. “˜Gay identity does not exist.’

Sorba offers some alternatives to the whimsical “gay” identity:
Same-sex attraction.” A kinder, gentler version.
“Same-sex intercourse.” It’s all about the “gay sex,” of course.
“Sodomy.” Introducing religious-y language.
“Unnatural vice.” This seems something of a let-down, but it does make me wonder what the “natural” vices include. And if those are okay.

Later, someone suggests that the homosexuals should be referred to as “anti-Christian.” I’m a bit surprised that “anti-American” wasn’t mentioned, but then, given the mindset here, good Christian = good American.

Republicans are losing the “war” waged by the “homosexual lobby,” Sorba said. “Our movement decided to abandon the real issue of homosexual behavior,” and focus on “the word marriage.” As Resnick summarizes, “For the panelists, the biggest “˜gay threat’ is not just over Christian ideology but over national security.”

Matt Barber, the panel’s moderator and a dean at Liberty University … made a case that promoting gays in the military presents a national threat because most gay military men will be more focused on their attraction to other men than on their military duties, saying it comes down to the soldier who “˜has your back or the one who wants to rub it.’

Revealing just how up to date he is, Barber also “brought up the argument that the high rate of HIV and AIDS in the gay community presents a health risk when it comes to battlefield transfusions.” Not to be outdone, Robert Knight, executive director for the American Civil Rights Union said, “Homosexuality is the greatest threat to the criminalization of Christianity.”

Panelist Greg Quinlan, president of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays, identifies another indication of the power of the back-rubbing gay termite: “The homosexual lobby is shamelessly hijacking this bullying issue,” inserting “a sexual anarchist agenda into public schools under the guise of bullying.” I told you Ramos has nothing on these people. LGBTs have an inordinate amount of power. So the less powerful kids screaming “Fag!” and “Dyke!” are only protecting themselves.

At one point, “Barber called same-sex orientation “˜hedonism repackaged,'” and regarding the “T” in LGBT, delivered this not clever comment: “It’s the emperor wears no clothes meets George Orwell. Why stop at transgender identity? Why not species identity – someone wants to get in touch with their inner horse.”

I’m still trying to work out same-sex orientation as “hedonism repackaged.” All I can come up with is that the powerful homosexuals even managed to subvert the real meaning of “hedonism.”

Another familiar argument from Sorba: “A civil right that conflicts with natural right is no right at all. The [homosexual] behavior is immoral. It divides you from truth … . If you don’t have truth, you have nothing but fake.”

Interestingly, when an audience member asked, “”˜What are going to be the rights of we homophobes?’, explaining her use of the word “˜homophobe’ was sarcastic,” the panel members said, “they just have to wait for the homosexuals to “˜self-destruct.'” That seems rather wimpy. Or maybe it’s a way of preserving the “issue” for future AGA relevancy.

Panel member Cynthia Dunbar, assistant law professor at Liberty University, managed a little “love the sinner, hate the sin” language. “We have to reach out to those trapped in a lifestyle that ultimately leads to death.” But she made it clear she gets the dangers of homosexual power. “There are a lot of gay staffers in Congress. They work all hours and they don’t have family lives, but they do have veto power.” No family life for the fakers, but they compensate with veto power.

As Campaign 2012 ramps up, Anti-Gay Agenda believers, beware the powerful hedonistic whimsical capricious homosexual termites who are eating away at the traditional fabric of society. And a termite empowered by his or her inner horse … now that’s radically powerful. But be of good cheer: the forces of the AGA have your backs. Whether you let them rub it is, of course, is up to you. Just remember, the Rainbow Caped Termites are watching.