Howard Fineman, a political veteran, in his most seriously impressed voice, said on MSNBC yesterday that when he was at the White House everyone was in a “feisty, almost angry mood.”

Last night on her show, Rachel Maddow said that Pres. Obama’s speech was “perhaps an unexpectedly satisfying speech.” That it was “less Rotary and more roundhouse.”

I did this in 2007 and 2008, are you telling me I’m going to have to do this again? Because he didn’t fool me the first time and he’s not going to do it now either.

Sweet Jesus, people, he campaigned on the public option.

But he spoke “remarkably infrequently,” according to Sam Stein, about it, just like he’s spoken “remarkably infrequently” about the things he said today. What happened on the public option is now part of his record.

Candidate Obama also had a record from the Illinois Senate; he now has a record as President of the United States. Do I have to draw you a picture?

Look, I’m not in the least interested in helping elect Republicans or Tea Party candidates or Independent presidential candidates, so believe me I want Pres. Obama to get his act together. The Republican Right is in enough of an uproar that I’d like to be able to give the guy high fives. But my job is to analyze and dissect this stuff the best I can, no matter how the truth comes down, so you don’t get bamboozled. Again.

Yesterday he was Candidate Obama in campaign mode. Has everyone forgotten what he was like during the ’08 primary season? Do people really believe he’s lost the talent to deliver a campaign speech? The man is the great communicator, circa 21st century. He wraps people around his finger for a living. His specialty is Democrats.

Pres. Obama is not the guy he was when he first ran for president. The guy is visibly tired. His energy level is grounded, not up. His swagger is muted so that his former persona looks like it’s been permanently grounded. The job has taken it’s toll. He’s been so humbled he even gave Pres. Bill Clinton credit during his speech yesterday, with the whole tone of the speech and the phraseology sounding a lot less speechifying, with a focus on crisp, short lines delivered pointedly and passionately similar to what was William Jefferson Clinton’s great talent. The words are being delivered differently now, but surely you can recall how Candidate Obama took it to Republicans in 2008, after first taking it to Hillary, cutting all opponents in his way to the bone.

Same thing, different energy, new campaign.

Looking around at the reviews it’s obvious Democrats, progressives and liberals are so desperate to see proof of political life from Pres. Obama they’ll grasp at anything, any moment, even a campaign speech delivered from Candidate Obama, circa reelection 2012, about issues he hasn’t spoken about since the last time he auditioned for the job.

If this is the start of 2012…

If this is how the rest of this term is going to go leading up to his reelection effort…

If this is the way Pres. Obama is going to run for reelection…

If this is the way Pres. Obama is going to call out Republicans on what they’re for…

Talking about Democratic Party values and principles like he means it, while taking it to Republicans and getting in their grill on policy…

Those last lines paraphrase Rachel Maddow last night.

We’ve all heard enough speeches and that’s not Pres. Obama’s problem or ours.

Pres. Obama’s got a year and a half to prove he not only means what he said yesterday, but that he’s going to back it up with actions.

I’ve been here before and many of you have, too.