When Republicans and GOP-leaners were asked who they would vote for in a primary or caucus, only former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney registered in double digits, with 16 percent. More than double that number expressed no opinion and an additional 12 percent volunteered “none” or “no one.” Businessman Donald Trump (8 percent), former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee (6 percent) and former Alaska governor Sarah Palin (5 percent) were the only other names volunteered by more than 2 percent of respondents. – WashingtonPost/ABC Poll

NBC’s First Read team offers an interesting break out from the latest trends:

More importantly, last week’s speech was on a topic — the deficit/debt — that most Americans don’t find as important as the economy/jobs. And in the Post/ABC poll, Obama took a hit with independents, with 55% of them disapproving of his job.

Independents got what they wanted in the polls last November, which wasn’t sending a message they wanted Republicans, but they wanted anything other than what was going on at the time. I believe this feeling continues to grow among everyone interested in politics. It’s why there was a place for Donald Trump to rise in the first place, no matter where he ends up. The economic situation is brutal, which was always going to hit Pres. Obama, especially once he adopted Republican ideas that never work, but in an era of declining political party loyalty it makes him even more exposed.

The trends continue to reveal people have lost their loyalty to political party. This is the most volatile element for Pres. Obama, because it wipes out the traditional “lesser of two evils” reaction voters have had at the polls going back to at least the 1980s. Many voters now see all establishment politicians as part of the problem and no longer a “lesser of two evils.”

It’s also why Obama’s speech, which was laid out as Dem. versus GOP fell flat, even as most Democrats, progressives and even Paul Krugman applauded. Since Obama has basically adopted much of the Republican economic message, hailing bipartisanship along the way, to suddenly couch his views as a battle of them versus us not only sounds false, but part of the problem that people perceive got us in this mess. But since Barack Obama refuses to set out his own polices and run on them this is the Democratic hand, which is weak played like this.

As Donald Trump has proven, blunt talk in troubled times goes a long way when everyone else is floating never ending babble. As George W. Bush should have taught everyone, the American people will follow anyone who sounds sure of himself and believes in his own purpose. Bush beat Democrats twice by being wrong and strong, but weak and right is never a winner; when you’re weak and wrong it’s even worse.

Lawrence O’Donnell went after Trump’s 25% tariff on Chinese goods last night, though I never believed that marker was anything but to get people’s attention. However, Mr. O’Donnell is wrong about the general message, because in what Trump is saying there is a grain of Reaganism from someone who is believable on finance. Trump’s chosen what Reagan did in ’80 to go after Jimmy Carter. The talking point that America isn’t respected and is a laughing stock, with other nations disrespecting us. Everyone senses that America is slipping from greatness, with the S&P downgrade, whether you buy it or not, a powerful symbol, which doesn’t require truth to have an impact, because it bolsters how people are feeling.

It’s clear that Republicans have finally awaken from their 2012 stupor, driven solely by the fact that Donald Trump’s popularity scares the crap out of them. We saw the same thing with Sarah Palin, but Trump has a lot more gravitas on the issues he’s picking than Sarah Palin, who simply isn’t as good on camera, because she can’t stay on message and answer questions from anyone, anywhere, any time. Why she’s given so much latitude on her media paranoia from her fans is beyond me; but then that’s the era we’re in.

“Then there is Trump,” he continued. “Trump is Al Sharpton of the Republican Party “” provocateur and clown, unserious. I think he’s going to harm the party if he runs for the same reason Sharpton harmed the Democrats. I can now see all the mail coming in “” address it to me, not to Bret. He is not responsibility ““ which means in the debate he will be up there I think he will run, not just a trial run. He’ll be up in the debate, and like Sharpton he will monopolize discussion and draw it away on issues that are irrelevant like Obama’s birth and that can only hurt the party.” – Daily Caller

If Donald Trump is the “Al Sharpton of the Republican Party” what does that make the Tea Party candidates like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann? Once again the Republican establishment is being challenged, but this time it’s from the big business wing of their own contingent.

As for the Democrats, Pres. Obama has muddled his message and the marketing of it so badly that nobody believes anything he’s saying at this point. He should be glad Republicans are running amok right now, but nobody in camp Obama should get too cocky. Out of chaos usually comes resolution.