TM NOTE: One of our dearest, most activist readers, commenters and diarists has done it. Known as “Lake Lady,” she’s gone and gotten herself elected mayor. On behalf of everyone here at, as well as women everywhere who need more powerful progressive female voices speaking for them, this “In the News” diary has been proudly front paged. I’m absolutely verklempt.


Hi TM friends~

Well, I did it! I got 61.52% of the vote!

The last couple of months have been fun and exciting. I had a great team of very smart and able supporters and we pulled it off. We proved a small group of citizens if determined can make change.

The great thing about local government is that it is non-partisan and my supporters are from all political ideologies. One of our favorite pastimes is to argue national politics.

We share a similar vision of our small town and a similar disgust with the sloppy good ol’ boy way it has been run.Not only did I win the mayor’s seat but two in my team won alderperson spots so the voting power is going to shift.

Now the work begins. We have to deal with what is either gross incompetence or corruption with our finances,a city hall that has been run like it is the 1950s and a bully police force.

Mixed with the hard stuff will be lots of fun stuff like; redesigning our newsletter and website, making our little park next the river a jewel with hiking and biking trails connected through a bridge over the river to a new white water competition site, a natural playground and a bandstand for concerts and movies in the park. I think my favorite thing will be monthly coffees with the mayor in a little log cabin located in the park.

I think this is called “doing something useful in your retirement.” Ha!