Question: Which country is more important to United States interests right now, Afghanistan, Libya or Mexico?

You really have to wonder about our leadership when we’re spending hundreds of billions of dollars in Afghanistan and Iraq, while on our southern border there is such violence, carnage and anarchy that the State Dept. warns against nonessential to huge areas of Mexico. Actually, I take it back, on foreign policy there is no leadership anymore. We’re throwing darts at board these days. …maybe we always have.

From the Washington Post:

At the largest mass grave site ever found in Mexico, where 177 bodies have been pulled from deep pits, authorities say they have recovered few bullet casings and little evidence that the dead were killed with a gun.

[…] In the past four years, more than 35,000 people have been killed and thousands more have simply disappeared, since Calderon sent the military to battle Mexican organized crime with $1.6 billion in U.S. support. U.S. officials in Mexico worry that criminal gangs are taking over sections of the vital border region not by overwhelming firepower but sheer terror.

… The U.S. State Department issued new warnings Friday advising Americans to defer nonessential travel to the entire border state of Tamaulipas and large swaths of Mexico because of the threat of armed robbery, carjacking, kidnapping and murder by organized crime.

It’s not as sexy to say we’re going to engaged in a new level in Mexico, maybe the politics are rough, too. But as strategic and vital interests go, what’s happening in Mexico is horrifying. What needs to be done also goes well beyond the American xenophobia of Gov. Brewer. Maybe the problem is that U.S. leaders don’t know what to do about the war going on inside Mexico, because nobody takes it seriously enough since it’s in our own back yard.