“We probably should have invited him here today to receive the Mobilizer of the Year Award.”Richard Trumka

Today on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show he admitted Republicans lost the “headline war” in Wisconsin. That’s an understatement.

Greg Sargent writes that a recent poll reveals majorities support two Republican senators, Dan Kapanke and Randy Hopper, being recalled.

Republican overreach and bad faith has also resulted in huge fundraising for the Left, including MoveOn.org, which raised $350,000, which makes the total for recall $850,000. From Politico:

Combined with last night’s take, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Democracy for America have raised $750,000 since the standoff in Wisconsin began for a television campaign against GOP state senators facing recall elections.

“After what they pulled last night, these Republican senators are toast. The energy on the ground is higher than it’s ever been — and our ads are providing the air cover, making clear to local Wisconsinites that the Republican class warfare on behalf of big corporations against working families has got to end,” said PCCC’s Adam Green. DFA’s Charles Chamberlain said “Republicans have awoken a sleeping giant.”

Last night on Sean Hannity’s fact free Fox show, Ann Coulter had him sputtering to get a word in edge wise as she eviscerated Republicans in Wisconsin, particularly Scott Walker. Coulter said that before Walker got punk’d in the Koch call she’s pegged him for vice presidential material, but not anymore.

Then Coulter practically screamed, If this was Chris Christie he’d be on the air every night! There’s no doubt about it.

I’d like to see a debate between Christie and Trumka. Perhaps we could even get Michael “Let’s get ready to rumble” Buffer to call it to order.

RICHARD TRUMKA: Of course, but you have to have quality employees.

Take John Kasich. He says everybody has to share. When he came in, he gave his senior staff a 30 percent increase in wages, and then he turns around to public employees and says, now, I want to strip you, not only of the pensions you have been promised and the health care that you have been promised, but I want to take away your ability to negotiate for those.

Look, in a modern society, in a global economy, the companies that succeed are the companies that sit down with their employees, and they say, we have a problem. Let’s solve it. The old way of doing things, the Kasich way, the Walker way, is saying, employees, you have nothing to offer. Shut up and sit down and accept what we give you.

And the last point I would make about that, Judy, is that, remember something. Public employees are taxpayers as well.

(via PBS)