Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) has previously said that if she ran for president, the “first thing” she’d do at the first debate would be to present her birth certificate. Not that she would have much of a choice, if the state lawmaker she’s expected to hire to manage her operations in Iowa has his way. Bachmann, who has all-but announced she’s running, is reportedly planning to bring on Iowa state Sen. Kent Sorenson”“the author of a recent birther bill”“as her political director in the presidential bellwether state.Mother Jones

It’s coming.

Sean Hannity teased the trailer today on his radio show.

One starting point is Donald Trump, who’s charge is to legitimize birtherism.

It’s not so much that Mr. Trump wants to run for president. It’s that Republicans need a front man willing to simply ask questions who hasn’t anything to risk. That’s Trump.

Today Sean Hannity started off by simply saying Trump was only asking questions and everyone is in an uproar. What’s wrong with asking questions? The next thing out of his mouth was how birtherism is a legitimate issue, because even the notorious Roger Stone says there is a “huge niche,” out there interested in the topic. (Roger Stone helped bring down Eliot Spitzer, the most effective sheriff of Wall Street we’ve ever had.) Trump’s case begins with mentioning the fact he has people from his past who remember him, but Barack Obama does not. What’s up with that?

Taking it to “The View,” Donald Trump mainstreamed it.

Yesterday Rush applauded Trump, saying he’s only giving Obama a chance to explain:

On Limbaugh’s show Thursday, the radio talker Limbaugh sided with Trump’s beating of the birth certificate drum. “You and I have known all along that we’re dealing with a man-child here who has, literally, no qualifications, no experience, and according to Donald Trump now, no birth certificate,” Limbaugh declared.

Trump is performing a valuable service here. He is attempting to help Obama out of a jam. You can’t say Trump is a kook right-wing birther. Trump realized the problem that Obama faces here with credibility. He’s giving him a chance here to establish some credibility by producing the birth certificate,” Limbaugh added.

Performing a valuable service is exactly what Trump is doing for Republicans, for business, too, and being applauded by Rush isn’t by accident. Trump can afford to talk it up. He’s got nothing to lose.

Right-wing radio is where Republican campaigns start. I go way back with the medium, having studied it for 20 years. It’s where they get out the vote, create the narrative, start it rolling. It’s the connection to communities a.m. stations provide that Democrats have never understood.

There have been hints before, the many birther bills, including Rep. Bachmann’s first likely presidential hire, Iowa state Sen. Kent Sorenson, who offered one up in Bachmann’s home state of Iowa.

That’s nothing compared to what’s coming.

Today Sean Hannity mentioned Jerome Corsi, the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth troll who helped take down war hero John Kerry. Sean reported there will be a book out in May by Corsi on the subject of Pres. Obama and his birth certificate. I couldn’t verify Hannity’s claim, but he said he’s going to give Corsi a lot of leeway to air his case, because he’s only asking questions.

Being Friday on wingnut radio you never know about these things, but I’ve felt for quite some time that this birther issue was no mere flight of fanatical haters and racists, though there are plenty of both where Obama is concerned.

Republicans believe they can create enough doubt about Barack Obama to push an election towards their guy, Mitt Romney, who is not going to take no for an answer this time. He is going to be the nominee and he’s prepared for the long slog to make it happen, while others do the dirty work, as always happens in these things. Having warned about Romney since 2006, even as Obama looks unbeatable, there is no doubt there won’t be near the enthusiasm for his reelection, because people have soured on his betrayals of progressivism.

As I already wrote about, a Democratic insider said to me recently, if Romney makes it through the primaries he’s dangerous, because Barack Obama has never run against a competent Republican.

Rush Limbaugh said on his radio show today that whoever is willing to take it to Obama will win this thing and Republicans can’t be worried about charges of racism or anything else.

There is no one more dangerous than Jerome Corsi with a book of ferocious political fiction, with the entire right-wing audience hanging on every word, while someone like Donald Trump, though there will be many others, including Bachmann who will produce her birth certificate when she announces, who aren’t as interested in the presidency as much as their own power and the perks they’ll get for targeting the President. Taking one for the team to legitimize the question in the light of day like Trump did on ABC, the biggest barker could get a cabinet position, access or maybe the vice presidency.

All of these different birtherism mentions are not happening by accident. The playing field is wide and deep, with Republicans never shy about scorched earth. It’s what they do.

This also isn’t 2008 when people couldn’t wait to rush George W. Bush out of the White House, eager to usher in an era of a new kind of politics. Instead, Obama’s neutered the Democratic Party and rendered the progressive movement mute and irrelevant, because if anyone ever deserved a primary challenge on the issues alone, starting with civil liberties, it’s Barack Obama. Maybe instead of talking nonsense of impeachment Dennis Kucinich should stand up and challenge Obama on the grounds he’s sold Democrats out, because nothing could be truer.

Republicans are preparing for battle, not an election, a battle. It’s already begun against the unions, in McCarthyite actions, against Planned Parenthood, and it won’t stop there. Since Barack Obama won’t fight for the tenets of the Democratic Party the Republicans have decided to take them all down.

It’s also coming through the innocent questions of birtherism made by sly surrogates, helped along through the lies and treachery of people like Jerome Corsi, and I don’t think Barack Obama or his team are remotely prepared for it.

UPDATE: Jerome Corsi’s book now confirmed.

UPDATE 2: Compilation article cross-posted over at TheModerateVoice.