Pres. Obama was forced political to speak tonight. It’s the last thing he wanted to do. His Saturday address gives you the foundation on where he’s likely to begin tonight. What he won’t say is that without sustained military efforts the Libyan “rebels,” the make up of which we haven’t a clue, won’t last.

The good news for Pres. Obama as he prepares to talk to we the people is that U.S. military actions have pushed the rebels to a better position, something they could not have come close to doing on their own. But the news that NATO has taken control of Obama’s war of choice in Libya quickly transitioning to them all aspects of the war is a huge help to Pres. Obama.

Unfortunately, because Obama entered into a misadventure not in U.S. vital interests he’s got some real challenges ahead, which he he won’t be able to answer tonight.

For instance, what’s next?

Pres. Obama stated “Gadhafi must go,” but in the same breath, as is seen in the video above, says he started a war with Libya on humanitarian reasons. You can’t reconcile these two objectives, neither of which were in consultation of Congress, though that’s hardly anything new.

Congress has become a neutered, not equal branch of government, so it’s never any sweat for a president to ignore them.

The other real problem is that it’s clear Pres. Obama, Sec. Clinton, Dr. Rice and Samantha Power, the pro-Libya war crowd, hasn’t thought through who would replace Gadhafi when he’s ousted.

That looming question has the potential of destabilizing a region, but also derailing Egypt’s progress, far more than what Gadhafi threatened to do to his own people.

Thousands of North Koreans starve, with girls in China being killed for years simply because they are not boys, so I find the Obama-Clinton pro-Libya axis unconvincing when it comes to the ultimate goals of what we’re doing in Libya, but also our overall foreign policy strategy that has now become incoherent.

Our military is also once again being stretched to breaking, with families expected to always give more for other nations, which when not in our strategic interests is an unconscionable thing to ask and beyond what they signed up to do.

I don’t think Pres. Obama will come close tonight to explaining what comes after the humanitarian crisis he went in on ends, because he didn’t map it out before he ordered the U.S. military into action.

Vision isn’t his thing.

UPDATE: From the New Yorker: “they have perhaps only a thousand trained fighters.”