Of course, the key word is “right.”

From Ron Brownstein:

… But even in groups that have been skeptical of the president, pluralities believe that he is moving in the right direction. Independents, seniors, and college-educated white men all broke solidly for Republicans in the 2010 midterm landslide. But about 30 percent of each group said they believed that Obama’s approach to office was improving. In each case, that was at least double the share that said his performance was deteriorating.

Those sentiments didn’t translate to gains for Obama on one measure: Just 40 percent of registered voters who were polled said they would vote to reelect him if the 2012 election were held today, compared with 50 percent who said they are now inclined to vote for someone else. That’s virtually unchanged from the results in each of the three previous Heartland Monitor polls that asked the question in 2010.

The moral of this story is by adopting Republican voodoo, extend the Bush tax cuts, economics Pres. Obama brought back the Right side of the 2010 midterm electorate that bolted. He’s not done squat for the deficit, but that’s coming after he gets reelected, when he finally gets to target Social Security, without the fig leaf of pretending he cares about cuts, as he continues to ignore revenue.

So what Obama’s rightward lurch is doing and will continue to do for the Democrat Party and its principles is another story entirely.