P.J. Crowley, spokesperson for the State Dept., has been shit-canned by the White House after honestly stating that PFC Bradley Manning’s treatment “is ridiculous and counterproductive and stupid.”

Oh ri-ight, Crowley resigned. Got it?

From CNN:

P.J. Crowley is abruptly stepping down as State Department spokesman under pressure from the White House, according to senior officials familiar with the matter, because of controversial comments he made about the Bradley Manning case.

Crowley will step down as early as Sunday afternoon, the officials said, because White House officials are furious about his suggestion that the Obama administration is mistreating Manning…

[…] But Crowley has told friends that he is deeply concerned that mistreatment of Manning could undermine the legitimate prosecution of the young private. Crowley has also made clear he has the Obama administration’s best interests at heart because he thinks any mistreatment of Manning could be damaging around the world to President Obama, who has tried to end the perception that the U.S. tortures prisoners.

This is Pres. Obama’s decision, but the White House’s lack of trust in Mr. Crowley was telegraphed when Obama’s NSC spokesperson, Mike Hammer, was sent over to State.

Obama’s claims that the Pentagon has “assured” him that Manning is being treated under basic standards is laughable and insulting to our intelligence.

The move to silence Crowley is being done to deflect from the torturous treatment Manley has reportedly been under.

Manning’s lawyer also says the young private recently had to sleep in the nude because defense officials thought there was a suicide threat and decided to take away his boxer shorts.

PJ Crowley served as National Security Council spokesman for Pres. Bill Clinton.

Matt Stoller said it perfectly via Twitter: The WH thinks governing means a mix of PR and enforcing petty corrupt social norms. That’s it. That’s really it.