Lewis Black outdid himself this week.

Talk about getting roasted.

As for Donald Trump running for president in 2012, maybe. But he’s already staked out one role for himself and that’s front man for the birthers.

UPDATE: Trump’s front man status pushing the birther talking point for Republicans got another shot tonight when he pushed it again with Geraldo Rivera on Fox News channel.

Asked about his comments on The View over the phone, Trump said, once again, that “the fact is that we haven’t seen his birth certificate,” arguing that the short-form certificate the President showed was “some document” that didn’t confirm anything. “I always give my credentials,” he told Rivera, “I like to give credentials. I’m a really smart guy. I’ve always been a really smart guy,” noting that he had god to “one of the best” schools in the world, apropos of nothing. Given all these facts about how smart he was, he told Rivera an anecdote of his day at the office. “I asked to see my birth certificate,” he narrated, and within minutes, it magically appeared. […] He also noted that some of his conservative friends had tried to swerve him away from the birther issue, to which he repeated replied, “why not?”