Looking back to the 2008 election season we were fully geared up and Dems were fighting it out. Huckabee hasn’t declared yet, with Mitt Romney just now gearing up for his big money bomb.

But if you’re going to say Obama is on the ropes in Politico’s poll, then characterizing Sarah Palin’s troubles would be positively dismal: Sarah Palin trails Obama by 20 points, 54 percent to 34 percent.

Chris Christie is the best anti-Obama, but since he’s not running (he says) it hardly matters that he’s 6 back of the President.

For Obama to be “on the ropes” Republicans have to prove they can actually make a campaign about something besides gutting the middle class and women’s freedoms, drill baby drill, and xenophobia.

And no, little Timmy Pawlenty doesn’t fit the presidential bill, because he has to win Iowa and there’s just no way he will unless the Tea Party stars bail. When they do we’ll talk.