“… In the meantime, the United States will participate in an open-ended, international intervention to stop Gadhafi, but the goal of that mission day to day and the time line on which it will be carried out are, frankly, unknown. For all the clamoring here at home for presidential communication to the nation on this, well, you got it, America. You got the clearest possible presidential statement about the muddiest possible ongoing, indeterminate international situation, otherwise known as a war. …” – Rachel Maddow (3.28.11)

It’s exactly what Hillary Rodham Clinton would have done, which is why she’s been out front on it. So I really don’t know how Obama’s fan club and die hard supporters are dealing with reality right now.

Via the UK Guardian: AC-130 gunships and A10 tankbusters, of the kind used in Iraq and Afghanistan, have been deployed by the US.

Pres. Obama’s talk about “Gadhafi must go,” while rationalizing a manufactured distance from George W. Bush based on ground troops, might make some progressives backing the President’s move feel good, but it still amounts to the same outcome while the U.S. leads the effort: regime change or bust.

Obama’s chosen another leader to topple, because he’s become an inconvenient dictator, though the methods will be different than Bush.

From the New York Times:

[…] Air commanders provided an example of the role of American intelligence-gathering. Air Force eavesdropping planes intercept communications from Libyan troops and relay that information to a Global Hawk drone flying high overhead. The Global Hawk zooms in on the location of armored forces and determines rough coordinates. In some cases, the drones are the first to detect moving targets. The Global Hawk sends the coordinates to analysts at a ground station, who pass the data on to the command center for targeting. The command center beams the coordinates to an E-3 Sentry Awacs command-and-control plane, which in turn directs F-16 and Harrier jets and other warplanes to their targets. “Our message to the regime troops is simple: Stop fighting, stop killing your own people, stop obeying the orders of Colonel Qaddafi,” Admiral Gortney said last week. “To the degree that you defy these demands, we will continue to hit you and make it more difficult for you to keep going.”

Regime change by other means is still regime change, with the U.S. military the only thing allowing the “rebels” to advance.

Anyone believing the U.S. has stepped back from involvement is missing our role in NATO, which is exactly what Pres. Obama and his surrogates are counting on.

In transferring command and control to NATO, the U.S. is turning the reins over to an organization dominated by the U.S., both militarily and politically. In essence, the U.S. runs the show that is taking over running the show.Associated Press

Hey, but if you like an open-ended, international intervention without a day to day mission or goal, but which is all about regime change ala Bush, then Obama’s muddy, ongoing Libyan war that has no end game is for you.

But if Gadhafi is ousted just who do you think will be the ones building, paying for and creating those “institutions” Pres. Obama says Libya will need post-Gadhafi?

And if someone can tell me who comes after Gadhafi, I’m all ears.