It’s really hard for me to get exercised about an organization that folded in on itself so quickly its opposition took it down without a fight. That Democrats and progressives like Rep. Weiner are coming to NPR’s aid is fine, but they should have mounted their own defense. They obviously didn’t learn anything from O’Keefe’s ACORN take down.

When O’Keefe’s fake Muslim video hit the fan NPR couldn’t seem to wait to throw their own people under the bus.

At least the latest conservative calamity from O’Keefe has been averted, though I never have understood why George Soros is such a lightning rod. That he’s been giving to NPR for years is hardly a secret.

So, it’s back to the drawing board for O’Keefe after his latest video proved a dud.

Too bad NPR couldn’t bring it to mount this defense themselves, but instead left it to supporters, proving once again that if you give wingnuts an inch they’ll take you down, even if they have to edit the video to do it.

By my viewing, Schiller said some legitimately bad stuff, and O’Keefe edited it, like a bad reality-TV show, to look even worse.

But wait! O’Keefe did post the full video online, didn’t he? Nobody forced him to! Why would he put it up if he had something to hide?

For starters, he was already suspect for having selectively edited his famous ACORN expose videos, not to mention planning a “sting” that would have involved sexually humiliating a CNN reporter. And while it wasn’t his, the deceptively edited Andrew Breitbart tape of Shirley Sherrod is still in people’s minds. If O’Keefe hadn’t posted the source video, it would have invited suspicion.

Instead he posted it and took the chance that most people would watch the edited video (or just clips from it on the news); that reporters, pressed for time with a stack of other assignments, would cover the edited video; that blogs (including, I will admit, this one) would link to those reports; and that by the time anyone took the time to go over the full video, the narrative would be established, the quotes stuck in people’s minds and the ideological battle won.

I mean, Jesus, look how long this post is already–and I’ve only covered a few minutes of a two-hour tape of four people eating lunch. It took me a few hours to watch–transcribing, finding sections, re-watching scenes–analyze and write up.

O’Keefe handed Republicans NPR in the House, because they refused to mount their own defense. Hard to pine away for any organization that lazy.

If NPR doesn’t think their mission is important enough to go to the mat from the onset they haven’t much of a chance against the Right.