[…] Israeli military officials declined to comment on why Mrs Palin may have turned back, but the country’s defence ministry confirmed that she had made no formal request to visit the occupied West Bank “” standard protocol for any foreign dignitary. The oversight could prove embarrassing for Mrs Palin’s advisers, who are unused to planning for foreign visits and have a reputation for being poorly organised. It is unclear whether Mrs Palin and her team failed to realise that Bethlehem lay on Palestinian territory rather than in Israel, a mistake often made by foreign tourists, though not so often by visiting politicians. …Sarah Palin aborts visit to Bethlehem

Palin visited Jerusalem, “wearing a Star of David necklace,” which got a lot of press, while dining privately with PM Netanyahu.

Over the weekend it got some attention from the Right. Being one liberal who doesn’t insult Palin’s intelligence, also being one of the only political analysts on the Left who gave her credit not only for driving Obama and the Dems off their health care message, such as it was, as well as the fact Sarah was most responsible for the Right’s win in the 2010 midterms, I find Hinderaker’s statement below a head scratcher.

Liberals love to insult Sarah Palin’s intelligence. It’s not a subject on which I have any particular opinion, except to note that, apparently by a remarkable coincidence, her judgment is correct on just about every subject. – John Hinderaker

Sarah was so incorrect in her response to the Tucson domestic terrorism tragedy that she’s been on a downhill spiral ever since.

There is simply no way to give Mrs. Palin any deference whatsoever in her poorly timed, self-serving “blood-libel” video after the Tucson domestic terrorism tragedy, which revealed the worst about her. Not only was she incorrect to make the video on the day Pres. Obama was to speak at the memorial, but she made the entire episode about her. As Roger Ailes reportedly advised, the better part of humility would have been to not interject herself, though an even better move would have been to say she’d be part of the solution and watch her own rhetoric in the future.

It really was the turning point for Sarah Palin, a moment when she lost a lot of credibility in her ability to put the people of the United States above her own self-serving defensiveness. As my own writings have illustrated, after Sarah’s post-Tucson video she lost a lot of credibility with me.

As for Palin in Israel, let’s just call it the traditional pilgrimage all wannabe presidential hopefuls make to show they are significantly attuned to Israel’s needs. It’s the first test Democrats and Republicans have to pass.

It follows a trip Palin made to India where she thought it wise to criticize the sitting commander in chief at a time he was pondering launching air strikes at Libya. This proves that Sarah Palin not only doesn’t respect the seriousness of what Pres. Obama was about to do, but she thought playing politics at such a moment was more important than acting like an American who supports her president at a time of potential war.