The Daily Mail story is deeply depressing.

David Sanger has been a must read during this unfolding nightmare.

The decision to raise the level came two days after the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission warned publicly that the situation at the crippled plant was much bleaker than Japanese officials had indicated, either because they were less worried or playing down the scope of the problems for fear of sparking panic. – Japan Raises Nuclear Crisis Warning Level Retroactively

The UK Guardian warned earlier in the week that a “cover-up” was likely in play.

Honorable mention goes to the Wall Street Journal, because of the title of the op-ed they did today. I’m absolutely stunned it took the Right so long to weigh in with this one.

The WSJ‘s dig of Obama “throwing little bones to its left” is as priceless as it is accurate. But since politics is inevitably about practicality and not perfection it will also likely work.