Sean Hannity was squealing today on his radio show about Speaker John Boehner going “wobbly” on the budget. Throwing bones to his Tea Party listeners, I guess Hannity forgot that Democrats control the Senate and there’s a Democrat in the White House, too. Nothing like a circus in place of seriousness.

According to The Hill, “no more than a couple hundred people” showed up in Washington to push the Republicans on the budget talks being run by V.P. Joe Biden, with Rep. Michele Bachmann stating that cutting Planned Parenthood is non-negotiable.

Democrats are cutting non-discretionary spending after giving in on tax increases, satisfied with letting the poor take a hit, which amounts to allowing Republicans to win the round.

The “cut it or shut it” Tea Party crowd is setting up Speaker Boehner versus Rep. Eric Cantor narrative, who may take a stand against the boss, which would further ostracize Boehner, maybe even set the Speaker up for a Tea Party challenge.

Important to note, however, is that as the Tea Party yells about spending cuts, their money train continues to be revealed.

For one thing, quite a few of the congressional Tea Party darlings get farm subsidies. John Karl of ABC nailed them on GMA. Eliminating farm subsidies would be real cutting; $16 billion was spent in 2009, according to Karl, one-quarter of a trillion dollars in the last 15 years.

If politicians wanted to get serious we wouldn’t have a fiscal crisis. However, since they won’t it leaves the U.S. in a terrifying position, because there simply is no way these game show hosts pretending to be leaders want to do what’s necessary, which starts at the Pentagon and has absolutely nothing to do with stiffing the lower middle class.

Even Bruce Springsteen took on one of his biggest fans, Gov. Chris Christie, after The Boss read this article. Mr. Springsteen’s letter to the editor focuses on something few Democrats care about today.

These are voices that in our current climate are having a hard time being heard, not just in New Jersey, but nationally. Finally, your article shows that the cuts are eating away at the lower edges of the middle class, not just those already classified as in poverty, and are likely to continue to get worse over the next few years. I’m always glad to see my hometown newspaper covering these issues. – Bruce Springsteen

For the Tea Party “cut it or shut it” crowd, as well as politicians like Gov. Christie, these non-compassionate conservatives think longer, stronger boot straps are the answer. They’ll get applause from Rush.

Unfortunately, the Democrats aren’t showing another way, which begins with a surtax on mil-billionaires, then targeting glut at the Pentagon in a serious way, though you can’t do that and start another war.