As an avowed atheist, Bill Maher is harsh on all religions, but he has a particular disdain for Islam. He’s taken out against Muslim men and their treatment of women before as well. But last night on “Real Time” Bill Maher exhibited Islamaphobia akin to Peter King.

Mediaite did a good synopsis so I don’t have to:

But that paled next to Maher’s criticism of the Qur’an, which he called a “hate-filled holy book”¦which is taken very literally” by radical Islamic terrorists. Ripping suicide bombers is one thing”¦maligning the holy book for the entirety of Islam is quite another. Ellison, of course, disagreed, saying Maher was “lumping together things that shouldn’t be lumped together,” and that terrorists “take things out of context to do what they want to do” “” in fact, that “terrorist rhetoric” has little to do with religion at all.

Maher allowed that the “vast, vast giant majority of Muslims aren’t the problem,” but added that with terrorists, “it just takes one.” Maher also seemed unconvinced of Ellison’s Qur’an defense, even as Ellison cited a passage that claims that taking one life is akin to killing the whole world, and saving a life is like saving the entire world: “Am I getting the wrong translation? “˜Cause that’s what every Muslim always tells me.”

Nobody cuts to the bone on religion like Bill Maher. He gives no quarter to any devout believers. His film “Religulous” is a must see for anyone who cares about this subject.

It was clear on his show last night that Maher believes Islam is a greater threat to the U.S. than any other religion. Peter King will find that comforting.

UPDATE: MJ Rosenberg blasts Bill Maher saying “The man is raw hate.”