Sounding like a man on his 2012 reelection tour, Pres. Obama is in Florida talking about education.

I’ve been out all day, so below is some of what’s going on, but feel free to jump in on anything that’s catching your attention.

What’s going on with Charlie Sheen today? …besides for the Piers Morgan interview with him being replayed on CNN tonight? James Wolcott takes on Morgan:

Piers Morgan was made to measure. He had attitude in spades. Not for him an Eve Harrington show of faux humility, the glistening hope that America would accept him into its heart, adopt him as one of its own. As befits the Season Seven winner of Donald Trump’s tragic charade party Celebrity Apprentice, Morgan adopted the master of major lip as his mentor-model, talking himself up as if ready to take his rightful place in the Manhattan skyline, a landmark head. Like Trump, Morgan practiced pugnacity for maximum P.R. effect, announcing that Madonna would be banned from his show and baiting her as an old gray mare that ain’t what she used to be: “Lady Gaga is half her age, twice as good-looking, twice as talented, and twice as hot.” Morgan also reveled in Twitter slap-fights, boasting that he would mop the floor with doubters and detractors such as John Schiumo, the 24-hour cable news channel NY1’s prime-time news host, whom he warned, “You’re like Stephen Baldwin and Vinny Pastore”“they thought they were big shots in NY too until I wiped them in Celeb Apprentice.” Yes, those were quite a pair of titans he toppled.

Right-wingers won’t vote for the spending bill if it doesn’t completely defund Planned Parenthood. These anti-women Republicans are hiding behind their pro-Taliban tenets, which is against supporting the lives of women for some ideological fantasy that federal funds for Planned Parenthood have anything to do with abortion services. They don’t.

On that note, Gov. Rick Perry is preparing to sign an anti-women sonogram bill, because Texas Republicans think women are stupid and can’t be trusted to take care of themselves.

Domestic terrorist Jared Lee Loughner has been indicted on 49 counts.

Rep. Sam Arora is catching serious incoming on breaking his promise to the gay and lesbian community.

The reports on what’s happening to PFC Manning are hair-raising.

And talk about stupid, Gov. Rick Scott has stiff-armed Obama’s highspeed rail pitch. These 20th century Republicans are going to be the death of America to catch up and join the 21st century.