What a yawn.

Is anything more outdated than Ms. Dowd’s weekly column?

Nicholas Kristoff has been making waves tweeting and blogging exciting columns live from Egypt, then Bahrain.

Paul Krugman keeps writing regular columns, but blogs daily.

Ms. Pearls weighs in this week offering a re-hash of old news and views from last week, which makes today’s Sunday column as outdated as her Sunday only presence in the Gray Lady. Today Dowd’s still writing about Nir Rosen and Debbie Schlussel. There’s really no reason to read Dowd anymore, because by the time she writes on Sunday her columns are not only old news, but any acerbic witticism comes across flat and tired.

MoDo needs to either start blogging or perish, because right now nothing she writes is even worth citing. It’s all been said before.