Taking on birthers, then unions, Sarah Palin shoots for the… erum… center? Just maybe, or perhaps she’s taking a stab at sounding reasonable to the Right and those fickle independents that put Tea Partiers in office last year and who will be so important in 2012. Because everything Sarah does right now is about repositioning herself to see if there’s a path to the presidency, beyond the Republican nomination that has always been the ceiling to her White House ambitions.

In the first verbal cue since taking on an establishment chief of staff hire, there’s some evidence that Michael Glassner may have gotten through to the formidable 2010 midterm rabble-rouser.

On those Republicans who keep bringing up Pres. Obama birth certificate to try to make it a legitimate issue, Palin took Karl Rove’s advice recently:

“It’s distracting. It gets annoying. Let’s stick with what really matters.”Sarah Palin

How’s that for a stake into the heart of the birthers?

Sarah’s sensible. She’s really sensible.

On Facebook, Sarah Palin also weighs in on the union battle in Wisconsin. This is also being discussed in Ohio and New Jersey that you can bet a lot of other governors are watching closely. Palin’s opener is below:

The union-led school closures and demonstrations in Madison have left most ordinary Americans shaking their heads in disbelief. Months ago, I penned a message to my fellow union brothers and sisters when I found myself on the receiving end of union boss Richard Trumka’s wrath. Yesterday’s demonstrations reminded me of the full-page ads taken out against me when I put my foot down in dealing with union demands while I served as governor. My message then and now to good union brothers and sisters is that you have another option. You don’t have to kowtow to the union bosses who are not looking out for you, but instead are using you. You can join millions of other union members in a commonsense movement to help fight for the right causes in our great country “” for budgets that share the burden in a truly fair way and for commonsense reforms that take power away from vested interests like union bosses and big business lobby groups, and put it back where it belongs “” with “We the People.”

As a former union member, it’s incredibly odd to read Palin’s “commonsense reforms” lecture. Does Sarah not know that collective bargaining is the foundation of union effectiveness? She asks union members to concede their power, using an odd reason for doing so.

The agenda for too many union bosses is a big government agenda that only serves the union bosses themselves “” not union members, not union families, and certainly not the larger community.

Sarah is a Tea Party member, so you’d think her “larger community” ode would be movement treason.

The current union battle in the states is something that’s been coming since the first U.S. company felt the sting of globalization; it just took a long time to reach the state and federal unionized workers. It is a fight for the relevancy of unions. Being part of the “so be it” club, Palin thinks drowning union jobs in the bath tub to kill government is a solution, even if it costs jobs that pay a decent wage with solid benefits.

But Sarah Palin also has absolutely no credibility to lecture union workers in Wisconsin give up their power. Mrs. Palin is part of the problem, because she joined Pres. Obama in supporting tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. So, laying guilt on unions by saying we’re “still struggling to get out of a deep recession and coping with high unemployment, record deficits, rapidly rising food prices, and a host of other economic problems” rings hallow.

This hypocrisy hasn’t stopped Republicans from weighing in on the voters versus the unions angle either, with John Fund the latest: Who’s in charge of our political system”“voters or unions? Ah yes, because voters put in charge right-wingers last midterm, so union workers should give up their power. It’s the same nonsense Joe Klein wrote yesterday.

Unions are fighting for Americans to have better middle class wages and benefits, with organizing the only thing standing between union wages and the further downsizing of labor’s power for the sake of the corporation or the state, in the case of Wisconsin. Ultimately this a tax cutting issue, which is always tilted to the wealthy, not workers or the middle class.

Sarah Palin’s latest musings are the latest developments that reveal though she hasn’t completely made up her mind to run in ’12 she’s making the wide turn to a decision. Glassner has to have told her that if she wants to be a contender she’s got to get her polarizing numbers down and start sounding like an adult who simply shares carnival barker Glenn Beck’s channel, instead of residing in Beck’s World O Crazy alongside him.