President Obama’s calls for a rapid transition to a new order in Egypt seemed eclipsed on Wednesday as a choreographed surge of thousands of people chanting support for the Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak fought running battles with a larger number of antigovernment protesters in and around Cairo’s Tahrir Square.Clashes Erupt in Cairo Between Mubarak’s Allies and Foes

This Mubarak caused chaos in Meydan Tahrir could be the beginning of a an Egyptian Civil War. That will be the crooked old man’s legacy.SultanAlQassemi

Running street battles for over the last three hours on the streets in Egypt, as the Egyptian military watches the war zone develop in Tahrir Square. The situation is fluid and constantly shifting.

The contrast to Pres. Obama’s speech last night and what has erupted the last two hours in Egypt is stark and reveals the lack of control the American President has over the situation.

Coming after Mubarak’s speech yesterday, what’s been playing out this morning has been frightening to watch.

Curfew is approaching, “a very intense battle” is how it’s being described on Al Jazeera English.

One person interviewed in the last half hour used the words “investigations” for Pres. Mubarak.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has condemned the violence.

…but on it rages.

From Nicholas Kristoff on Twitter:

Pro-Mubarak thugs everywhere have same talking points, same signs, same hostility to journalists. An organized crackdown.

“Is there any way to escape?” asked the Al Jazeera anchor to a screaming Egyptian on the air.

It’s war.

The Egyptian military will soon have to take a stand.

Screen capture from Huffington Post.