NBC’s Chuck Todd got under Pres. Obama’s skin when he asked “What was the point of the fiscal commission…?” Obama was visibly annoyed: “Still provides a framework for a conversation… You guys are pretty impatient.”

“I definitely feel folks pain,” Obama said in response to tough budget cuts. “It’s frustrating.”

On Egypt:

“… I think history will end up that at every juncture in the situation in Egypt that we were on the right side of history. What we didn’t do was pretend that we could dictate the outcome in Egypt, because we can’t. So we were very mindful it was important for this to remain a Egyptian event. That the United States did not become the issue, but that we sent out a very clear message that we believed in an orderly transition, a meaningful transition, and a transition that needed to happen not later, but sooner. And we were consistent with that message throughout. …” – Pres. Barack Obama

Minefield alert: “… particularly if you look at my statements. I started talking about reform 2 weeks or two and one-half weeks before Mr. Mubarak ultimately stepped down, and at each juncture I think we calibrated it about right. … …in a complicated situation we got it about right.”

I guess that’s true if you ignore Sect. Clinton’s “stable” comment, as well as V.P. Biden’s embarrassing PBS interview, with Pres. Obama himself moving very slowly towards freedom breaking out, with the real crux being that few others could have been prepared due to longstanding U.S. policy.

However, let’s also remember that Pres. Obama continues rendition to places like Egypt as he speaks.